Enlit Africa: Beny’s Integrated Solutions Guides South Africa’s Energy Transition

Beny's Integrated Solutions Guides South Africa’s Energy Transition

Cape Town, May 23, 2024 – Enlit Africa, a premier event focused on industries like electricity and energy, kicked off grandly in Cape Town, South Africa, attracting professionals from around the globe. Beny, a global leader in sustainable energy solutions, showcased its integrated “PV + EV charging + energy storage” solution at the exhibition, empowering South Africa’s energy transition.

South Africa possesses abundant solar resources, particularly in the Northern Cape Province, where the photovoltaic potential under normal direct sunlight can reach up to 2000 kWh per square meter annually. This has spurred rapid development in the PV market, along with increased demand for energy solutions in EV charging and energy storage. Data from the South African Photovoltaic Industry Association indicates substantial growth in PV installations, reaching 5659 MWp by 2023, with 3173.16 MWp being commercial and industrial photovoltaic systems.

Beny's Integrated Solutions Guides South Africa’s Energy Transition

Beny’s integrated solution, combining PV, EV charging, and energy storage technologies, addresses key challenges in energy generation, consumption, and storage. For instance, Beny’s microinverters ranging from 1000W to 2800W are perfectly suited for industrial and commercial purposes, with a maximum input current of 20A. They boast high safety and efficiency and can adapt to various harsh environments.

The fluctuating nature of solar energy generation is tackled through the pairing of Beny’s DC EV chargers and industrial and commercial energy storage systems. These chargers, with their high power output and modular design, facilitate rapid and efficient EV charging and easy maintenance. Users can also choose between split-type and integrated-type chargers accordingly. Moreover, surplus energy can be stored in energy storage systems, providing backup power during peak charging or low generation periods, ensuring reliability even in grid failure scenarios. This solution effectively harnesses South Africa’s abundant photovoltaic resources, providing users with reliable and efficient energy conversion and storage services.

Beny’s deep engagement in the South African market, alongside collaborations with governments and enterprises, has positioned it as a trusted provider of customized energy solutions. Participation in events like Enlit Africa further strengthens its market presence and paves the way for future growth.

Looking ahead, Beny remains committed to supporting South Africa’s energy transition with confidence. Through continued innovation and dedication, the company aims to contribute to the establishment of a cleaner and more efficient energy landscape in the region.

For further information, visit www.beny.com or contact info@beny.com.

Beny's Integrated Solutions Guides South Africa’s Energy Transition7

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