BENY Electric won second place in the 2020 Wenzhou Amateur Football League A

In the afternoon of 19 December 2020, the 2020 Wenzhou Amateur Football League one was successfully concluded at Jiushan Stadium.

The tournament received a positive response and enthusiastic participation from enterprises and institutions in Wenzhou, and during the tournament, all athletes of the 12 participating teams carried forward the Olympic spirit of “faster, higher and stronger” and “unity, friendship and progress”, striving hard and Struggle for the first place courageously. The teams competed at the top of their game. The teams competed at a high level of competition, morality, individuality, unity and friendship.

After nearly two months of fierce competition with a total of 38 rounds, the Beibaixiang team, sponsored by Zhejiang Benyi, won the second place in the 2020 Wenzhou Amateur Football League one and successfully gained a chance to the 2021 season of the Wenzhou Super League.

Football is not only the world’s sport, but also a microcosm of life, an art and a faith. The team spirit, the hard work and the valuable perseverance embodied in football matches have inspired and supported the development of BENY Electric along the way.

With 30 years of experience in the field of PV components, BENY Electric has won several industry firsts and has exported a total of 10 million units of PV-specific disconnect switches to the global market in 2020, reaching an installed capacity of 50GW in total. The high level and standard of the DC-side components have established a good reputation for BENY Electric in the global market and have been highly recommended by the PV market and installers.

In the face of the ever-changing development trends and demands of the PV market and the technical requirements for new products and applications, BENY Electric continues to strengthen its R&D efforts, improve its own process standards, break through itself and overcome challenges to provide more reliable and smarter products for PV systems and even for the new energy industry, and work on the world’s sustainable development.

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