Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit: Beny Solar Energy Solutions Empower the MEA

Abu Dhabi, May 22, 2024 – Beny, a leading company in DC power transmission and distribution technology, recently showcased its latest solutions at the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit in the UAE. This solution includes a series of high-performance key components such as DC circuit breakers, surge protectors, as well as combiner boxes and rapid shutdown devices, ensuring efficient and safe operation of solar power stations like large-scale ground systems and rooftop systems.

Similar to the various protection functions found in EV chargers, Beny has equipped photovoltaic systems with multiple components to ensure the safety and efficient operation of the system. DC circuit breakers provide overload, short-circuit, and anti-backflow protection, as well as arc flash barriers, improving the safety and stability of the system. Addressing the surge issues in the system, DC surge protectors provide T1, T1+T2, and T2 class protection, achieving nanosecond-level rapid response to protect equipment from damage.

What’s more, the DC isolator switch, utilizing modular design and PCT-patented DC arc extinguishing technology, can extinguish arcs in as low as 3ms, and comes with a lockable handle to prevent accidental operation. Combiner boxes play a role in centralizing and distributing currents, making system wiring simpler and more controllable.

Rapid shutdown devices are one of the core protective products of PV systems. Beny provides customers with various types of rapid shutdown devices according to different system requirements. Whether it’s the BFS-11/12 or BFS-21/22 series products, they can achieve rapid and proactive module-level disconnection at the AC power loss, over temperature and other issues, preventing potential fires or other accidents. Their high efficiency response and extremely reliable performance have earned high praise in the market.

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DC power transmission and distribution solutions play a crucial role in PV systems, especially in large ground power stations, where reliable protective equipment can ensure system safety and maximize energy utilization and output. Beny’s products not only meet industry standards but also have passed multiple certifications, proving their outstanding performance in safety and efficiency.

Through this exhibition, Beny has showcased its technical strength and innovation capabilities to the global industry. In the future, Beny will continue to focus on developing more advanced products to provide safer and more efficient solutions for the new energy industry.

For further information, visit www.beny.com or contact info@beny.com.

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