BENY Global Case Collection – Clean Planet Challenge

As a pioneering brand in the new energy sector, BENY is urging individuals worldwide to unite in the global movement for environmental preservation and advance eco-friendly values. In light of this, BENY is proud to announce the commencement of the #Clean Planet Challenge as part of its Global Case Collection initiative.

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Case Collection:

1.  Take and upload successful cases of BENY products, such as EV charger, microinverter, PV system modules installation, etc., and share your installation process or idea of choosing BENY products;

2. Combining the excellent features of BENY products with green and environmental protection, such as EV charger, microinverter, PV system modules installation, etc., share your innovative environmental protection ideas.

*Choose one of the above


1. Share the case on your personal social media account (LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest) according to the requirements of case collection, and @BENY official account;

2. The case collection divided into three stages: monthly, quarterly and annual, and gradually selects excellent cases;

3. BENY selects the 1st prize, 2nd prize and 3rd prize of each month, the winner of each quarter, and the winner of this year according to the most likes of the case;

4. BENY will announce the winning list on the official social media account and website, and contact the winners to send prizes;

5. Excellent cases will be posted on BENY official social media account and website. We’re committed to promoting the concept of environmental protection and BENY green energy products to the world.


1. Monthly:

First Prize: $100 Amazon Gift Card*1

Second Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card*1

Third Prize: $20 Amazon Gift Card*1

2. Quarterly:

Winner Prize: $200 Amazon Gift Card*1

3. Annual:

Winner Prize: $300 Amazon Gift Card*1


From April 22, 2023 to April 21, 2024

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