Chint Solar visited BENY Electric

On October 31, 2013, Chen Gong, senior engineer of Chint Solar, and his team visited BENY Electric. The main purpose of this trip was to find suppliers of solar electrical components for Chint Solar’s overseas solar projects.

Mr. Wang of BENY Electric and the team of the combiner box business department showed the experimental equipment, testing equipment and workshop to Chen Gong and his party. Mr. Wang said that DC electrical products are technically more difficult than AC products, and have higher requirements for product temperature rise and reliability. In order to ensure the reliability of products, BENY Electric has invested a lot of testing equipment to ensure the quality of each factory product. reliability. After visiting the workshop and testing room, Chen Gong highly recognized the online withstand voltage testing equipment, resistance testing equipment and the complete set of testing equipment after finished products in the combiner box production line. He said that BENY is the only company in the country that owns these combiner box testing equipment. It is very beneficial for customers and enterprises to ensure the reliability and safety of products through the testing of these equipments. Chen Gong also suggested that the working environment of the combiner box is very harsh, and factors such as temperature, acid resistance, corrosion resistance and wind resistance should be fully considered in the design, production and selection of raw materials.

In the end, both parties hope to reach a long-term strategic partnership.

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