Beny Unveils New AC EV Chargers at London EV Show

November 28 to 30th, London – The London EV Show, themed “Move to the Future,” was successfully held at ExCeL London, attracting a large amount of businesses, industry professionals, and media attendees. Beny, always prioritizing user needs, presented intelligent and efficient EV charging solutions, with a special focus on showcasing new products such as the Three-Phase Portable Charger (7.4kW) and Floor-mounted AC EV Charger (22kW), gaining widespread attention.

According to International Energy Agency (IEA), the sales of battery EV in the UK reached 270,000 in 2022, with plug-in hybrid EV sales also reaching a significant 100,000. In contrast, as of 2022, the UK has only 8,600 fast chargers and 42,000 slow chargers publicly. In response to the immense potential in the EV and charging market, coupled with the urgent demand for a renewable energy transition, the UK government has enacted policies and goals to foster development, like a minimum of 300,000 public chargers by 2030 and providing subsidies. Simultaneously, there is a continual refinement of relevant laws and regulations, mandating transparent charging pricing, data open-sharing, and other measures to facilitate the market’s healthy development and enhance user experience.

Against this backdrop, Beny consistently prioritizes market development and user needs, offering British users safe and efficient intelligent charging solutions. For instance, the Three-Phase Portable adopts a portable and wall-mounted hybrid design, featuring high plug compatibility and wireless DLB technology. Simultaneously, features like a 4.3-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, and app remote control enhance the user experience. On the other hand, the Floor-mounted AC EV Charger is equipped with intelligent features such as temperature monitoring and WPS Wi-Fi connectivity. Its dual-socket design allows simultaneous charging for two vehicles, and the remote control ensures convenient charging management anytime, anywhere. This array of intelligent features positions Beny’s charging solutions as an ideal choice.

At the exhibition, Adrian Smith, Beny’s Sales Manager in the UK, delivered an engaging keynote speech, showcasing “How Beny’s Charging Solutions Benefit Homes and Commercial Systems”. He provided detailed insights into protective functions, DLB technology, and other innovations. Combined with on-site demonstrations of Beny’s charging solutions, attendees gained firsthand experience and expressed high praise.

As the exhibition’s theme suggests, “Move to the Future,” Beny is committed to building a green, clean, and intelligent future of mobility. It continues to strive for advancements in providing more intelligent charging experiences with outstanding EV charging solutions. Let’s embrace future challenges and opportunities together.

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