Beny has been Recognized as a National-level Innovative “Little Giants” Firm

Recently, the fifth batch of national-level specialized and innovative “Little Giants” firms has been announced. Beny has secured a spot on the prestigious list due to its leading technology, outstanding innovation capabilities, and excellent market performance.

The goal of selecting these national-level “Little Giants” is to discover and nurture leaders in niche markets with strong innovation skills, substantial market share, mastery of key technologies, and a commitment to superior quality. Beny’s inclusion on this list acknowledges its technological leadership, innovative research and development, industry influence, and promising future in the new energy field. It also highlights Beny’s vital role in bridging gaps and addressing crucial aspects within the industrial chain.

Since its establishment, Beny has been dedicated to research and development in photovoltaic systems, energy storage, and EV charging. The company has provided millions of module-level and string-level secure power transmission and distribution solutions to customers worldwide, together with intelligent new energy solutions. These solutions enable everyone to tap into clean energy and reduce energy costs efficiently.

Beny’s products, including combiner boxes, rapid shutdown devices, AC/DC circuit breakers, isolator switches, and DC surge protectors, have set industry benchmarks, delivering outstanding electrical protection for photovoltaic and energy storage systems. Furthermore, Beny has successfully expanded its presence across the entire photovoltaic systems, energy storage, and EV charging sectors. Their efficient micro-inverters (500W to 2800W), residential and commercial energy storage systems, and EV chargers (3.7kW to 262kW) are poised to guide global users into a new era of energy consumption, storage, and charging, achieving energy independence and smart energy management.

The recognition as a national-level specialized and innovative “Little Giants” firm is both an affirmation of Beny’s past efforts and an expectation for the company’s future development. As a nationally supported enterprise, Beny will leverage its new status to intensify technological innovation and research and development efforts. The company aims to build an innovative industrial chain in the smart new energy application field. Beny will steadfastly adhere to long-term values, with the overarching goal of being “safer, more reliable, and smarter,” continuing to lead innovation in the development of new energy.

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