BENY Electric won the “2021 Best Synergy Award” from Sungrow

Recently, Sungrow held the “2022 Global Partner Conference”, and BENY Electric was invited to participate in the conference. At the conference site, BENY Electric won the important honorary award issued by Sungrow – “2021 Best Synergy Award”. BENY Electric won the Sungrow Technology Innovation and Best Synergy Award for the third consecutive year.


As a global leader in clean energy, Sungrow is deeply involved in the photovoltaic field and new energy technology, constantly developing and innovating, and making independent breakthroughs. Sungrow firmly adheres to the low-cost innovation strategy, further promotes the coordinated development of solar, wind, electricity storage and hydrogen, and achieves rapid and sustainable growth.


BENY responded positively to the development declaration of “Lighting the Zero-Carbon Goal and Achieving a Green Future” at the conference. In the future, it will focus on the core main tracks of light, wind, storage, electricity, and hydrogen, continue to achieve customers, and accelerate the decarbonization of the global economy.


BENY Electric and Sungrow continue to cooperate deeply. Both sides have been exploring and innovating together in the fields of photovoltaics, wind power, energy storage and other areas, always adhering to the concept of mutual trust and interoperability, giving full play to their respective strengths, strengthening communication, enhancing innovation potential, actively responding to the ESG development concept, promoting carbon neutrality in the supply chain, and making more professional contributions to the achievement of the “double carbon” goal and the accelerated transformation of global energy.

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