BENY Electric participated in the Solar Solution exhibition in Amsterdam and entered the Dutch photovoltaic market

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

On April 16-17, the 2nd International Solar Solution was held at the Haarlemmermeer Convention and Exhibition Center in Amsterdam. As a company entering the Dutch market for the first time, Benyi Electric participated in the exhibition with its main products DC disconnector and photovoltaic combiner box. In this exhibition, Benyi Electric focuses on broadening its horizons, communicating and cooperating, and building its reputation. It makes full use of this exhibition opportunity to negotiate and communicate with visiting customers and distributors to expand the company’s reputation in the local photovoltaic industry. and influence, many exhibitors and downstream manufacturers actively come to visit and seek agency cooperation; at the same time, they also have a deep understanding of the specific needs of the local market and the product characteristics of competitors, so as to launch products that meet the needs in a more targeted manner. product.

As one of the fastest growing photovoltaic markets in Europe, the number of companies supplying solar panels and related products and supporting services in the Netherlands has grown from less than 300 in 2010 to more than 1,000 now, and has long had the tradition and habit of using clean energy. . Solar Solution is the most influential photovoltaic professional exhibition in the Netherlands, attracting the attention of most local companies, and companies from neighboring countries such as Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, etc., also come here.

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