BENY Electric once again appeared at the Japan Photovoltaic Exhibition

From February 25, 2014 to February 27, 2014, BENY Electric once again appeared at the International Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation System Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. BENY Electric, relying on many years of traditional electrical technical experience, accumulated “accumulation and succeeded later”, and successfully transformed into solar photovoltaic industry, and is determined to adhere to the high-end market route. In October last year, it successfully exported 24-circuit photovoltaic combiner boxes, which has won a good start for entering the Japanese photovoltaic market.

This time, BENY Electric has developed a new 12-circuit intelligent anti-backflow combiner box (stainless steel spray plastic box) and a 6-circuit intelligent combiner box (plastic box) with precise positioning and customization for the Japanese market, and made a new appearance in this exhibition. , attracted a large number of customers.

BENY Electric will adhere to the service attitude of “quality service, customer first”, take customer needs as the foundation, continue to innovate the technology and solutions of combiner box products, and improve the quality service system of Japanese products. Core value competitiveness, and this will also be the competitive advantage of BENY Electric in the sustainable development of the Japanese photovoltaic market.

The main reason for the vigorous development of the Japanese photovoltaic market is the result of policy incentives. The subsidy amount is very high. Although the subsidy for large power plants has dropped from the previous 42 yen/kWh to 36 yen/kWh, due to the high subsidy starting point, After the downward adjustment, the impact on the profitability of power plants is very small, so the policy is stable and generous, and Japan is still the region with the most generous subsidies in the world. Japan Tokyo International Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation System Exhibition, as Japan’s largest and most famous photovoltaic professional international exhibition, has always been the best way to enter the growing Japanese and Asia-Pacific photovoltaic market. Here, various cutting-edge technologies related to materials, manufacturing equipment, solar cells/modules and photovoltaic power generation systems from around the world are displayed.

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