BENY Electric at GENERA 2022 in Spain

GENERA, a 3-day international energy and environmental exhibition in Madrid, Spain, was held at the Madrid International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 14-16, local time.

GENERA is organized by IFEMA and IDAE, the largest and most influential energy and environmental exhibition in Spain, which is supported by Spanish government agencies and enjoys an important position in the international energy exhibition arena.

BENY Electric presented its new “PV+” and “EV+” solutions at booth 10C03 and shared the latest developments with customers and partners from all over the world.

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Spain is rich in solar resources thanks to its excellent geographical location and climate conditions. As the European Union continues to advance its climate change package and adopts a resolution to ban fuel vehicles by 2035 in June 2022, Pennzoil’s PV+ PV protection solutions and EV+ residential charging safety solutions tailored for the European market are gaining attention from customers in Spain and the European region.

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Many customers and partners expressed their interest in the products and spoke highly of them, saying that BENY’s products bring more possibilities to the industry. First of all, the module-level / string-level Rapid Shutdown Professional Solution (RSD), BENY RSD focuses on solar roof and building fire safety, which can control the panel voltage at a certain safety level in a very short time and achieve a real microsecond shutdown; BENY launched an all-in-one solution for light storage and charging safety regulation – “Solar+Battery energy storage+EV Charging solution”, using solar power to charge electric vehicles, reducing the use of utility power, efficiently promoting the transformation of the European region to renewable energy, in line with the premise of the European regional standards, to provide our We provide our customers with high quality, efficient, safe and reliable one-stop solutions for new energy.

Based on independent research and development, emphasis on product quality, continuous breakthroughs and innovations, BENY Electric continues to plough deep in the new energy industry and is committed to providing efficient and reliable new energy solutions to customers in Europe and around the world.

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