BENY Commercial Charging Stations for a Diverse Range of Applications

BENY offers comprehensive charging solutions that provide high-quality charging equipment and services for a variety of commercial applications, including urban public spaces, residential areas, community parking lots, electric vehicle rental stations, and fleet parking lots. With its intelligent control and a broad range of power selection, BENY’s charging equipment ensures safety, reliability, and meets the power requirements of various commercial applications.

BENY Commercial Charging Stations for a Diverse Range of Applications

Application Requirements:


BENY AC commercial charging stations are ideally suited for locations that require numerous charging stations, such as urban public spaces, residential areas, community parking lots, electric vehicle rental stations, and fleet parking lots. BENY AC commercial charging stations offer multiple power selections, ranging from 7.4KW to 22KW, to meet the power requirements of different commercial applications. Furthermore, BENY’s commercial charging stations utilize OCPP 1.6J standards for communication with the central system, making it easy to operate the charging points. BENY’s commercial charging stations come with a complete solution, including an app, cloud platform, etc., which enables the viewing and timely processing of user management, billing, revenue statistics, exception orders, and other related data. Moreover, the charging station’s exterior panel color can be customized to meet the decoration requirements of various commercial locations.


BENY DC commercial charging stations are suitable for long-distance travel, high-speed highways, logistics parks, parking lots, and short-term applications such as gas stations. BENY DC commercial charging stations boast short charging times and high charging efficiency. Furthermore, BENY DC commercial charging stations also use the OCPP 1.6J protocol and are compatible with BENY cloud platforms and supporting apps. This makes it easy for users to manage DC charging equipment and view and process charging data at any time.


Technological Advantages:


BENY charging stations are among the best in the charging station market due to their unique technological advantages, which make them stand out in terms of safety, ease of use, customizability, and environmental protection. BENY charging station products adopt efficient adhesive protection technology and fault self-test functions to improve system safety and reliability. Furthermore, an intelligent app system constantly upgrades to meet market demands, enabling remote monitoring and control as well as data transmission. This makes it convenient for users to conduct real-time monitoring and management, thereby improving the charging station’s operational efficiency.


In addition, BENY charging stations have various protection functions, such as CP abnormal protection, undervoltage protection, grounding detection, leakage protection, over-temperature protection, etc. The device can automatically trigger the protection mechanism to avoid equipment damage and safety issues in case of equipment failure. The product also utilizes remote upgrade technology, which downloads firmware through networking for version upgrades, making the device more stable and able to use better features in a timely manner, improving the user experience. Moreover, if there are problems during the upgrade process, the device can automatically restore to the previous version, ensuring device stability.


BENY charging stations also have an intelligent recognition function, which can automatically recognize different vehicle models and different charging power requirements, achieving adaptive charging and improving charging efficiency. Additionally, the product supports PayPal payment methods and offline transactions, providing a more convenient, secure, and differentiated payment experience.


Finally, it is worth noting that BENY’s charging stations have undergone rigorous testing and have received CE certification, ensuring compliance with European market quality and safety standards. This certification provides customers with greater peace of mind and trust in the product’s reliability and performance. With BENY’s commitment to providing high-quality charging equipment and services, users can enjoy a more convenient, efficient, and safe charging experience.

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