Beny Clinches Two Photovoltaic Awards, Leading the Way in Industry Innovation and Excellence

TwoPhotovoltaic Awards

China, September 19 – The 2023 Photovoltaic New Era Forum and the 12th Photovoltaic Influential Brand Selection Awards Ceremony was held by BJX ( in Wuxi, Jiangsu, with great pomp and grandeur. At this grand gathering, Beny was honored with two awards “Influential Photovoltaic Components and Electrical Solutions Brand” and “Influential Photovoltaic and Storage Integration Solution Enterprise” for its outstanding achievements in secure and reliable DC power transmission and distribution solutions and integrated “photovoltaic + energy storage + EV charging” solutions.

The receipt of the “Influential Photovoltaic Components and Electrical Solutions Brand” award signifies broad recognition of Beny’s outstanding position in the photovoltaic industry. Beny’s products such as combiner boxes, rapid shutdown devices, AC/DC circuit breakers, and DC surge protective devices have consistently set industry standards, offering extraordinary electrical protection for photovoltaic and energy storage systems. This award also represents high praise for Beny’s continuous efforts in product quality and innovation.

Additionally, Beny was also honored with the “Influential Photovoltaic and Storage Integration Solution Enterprise” award, further highlighting the company’s exceptional performance in the field of photovoltaic and energy storage integration. Beny has established a broad business footprint in this sector, including highly efficient microinverters (500W-2800W), reliable energy storage systems, and diverse EV charging equipment to comprehensively meet user demands. As renewable energy and energy storage technologies converge to become the main trends in the future, Beny’s innovative “photovoltaic + energy storage + EV charging” solutions will continue to provide robust support in achieving clean energy objectives.

Wang Jundan, the CEO of Beny, remarked, “We are deeply honored to receive these two significant awards. This recognition is a testament to our team’s relentless efforts and continuous innovation in the fields of power transmission and distribution, and photovoltaic, energy storage, and EV charging solutions. We remain committed to delivering safe and reliable solutions to meet market demands and contribute to the growth of the photovoltaic industry.”

About BJX (

BJX ( is a renowned online media in photovoltaic industry, focusing on solar news report, policy analysis and future development. The Photovoltaic Influential Brand Selection held by BJX is one of the highly regarded events in the field of new energy and has successfully held twelve editions consecutively. This selection aims to recognize and commend leading enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to the industry, actively engaged in industry, technology, and brand innovation over the past year.

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