Beny Charger Software Update Notification 2023.09.18

Beny Charger Software Update

Dear customer,

We deeply appreciate your unwavering support and trust in Beny as your preferred provider of EV chargers. Our commitment to delivering top-quality products and exceptional user experiences drives us to continuously improve and update our software.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the completion of our latest round of software updates, designed to meet market demands and enhance your charging experience. These updates bring significant improvements and feature enhancements to two key platforms:



Android: Upgraded from version 1.0.38 to 1.0.39

iOS: Upgraded from version 1.0.31 to 1.0.32

Notable Function Updates:

  • Optimizing the translation.
  • Implementing the real-name payment authentication.
  • Adding credit card payment and PIX payment methods (available in Brazil and Mexico only).



Android: Upgraded from version 8.17.1 to 8.19.3

iOS: Upgraded from version 8.18.1 to 8.19.1

Notable Function Updates:

  • Adding the feedback feature.
  • New “Enable” control: opening and closing APP functions from the back end.
  • Streamlining of firmware upgrade process.

To ensure you have the latest software updates, kindly access the app store and update the respective applications to their latest versions. Should you encounter any difficulties during the update process or require further assistance, our customer support team stands ready to assist you. We are fully dedicated to offering unwavering support and addressing any queries you may have. Once again, we express our gratitude for your support and trust in Beny. Our ongoing commitment is to continually improve our products and services, striving to meet and exceed your expectations.

Best regards,

Beny EV Charger Team

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