BENY build own PV stations and PV test rooms to ensure the performance of products

BENY New Energy specializes in the design, development and manufacture of PV DC components for decades; in order to further improve the full range of products for real project applications, a number of PV rooftop power stations have been built for long-term monitoring of product performance.

With these own built PV stations and PV test rooms, our PV energineers can do more test and research to improve the technical specifications of our products.

beny pv project 2

Among the several PV projects built by BENY New Energy, This 106kw commercial rooftop solar PV system covers over 500 square feet,includes 196 solar panels from GCL with maximum power output 560W, it can operate with voltage up to 1500V, current up to 70A. which is applicable to our full series of DC products such as BYSS, BYH disconnect switches, BB1, BB2  circuit breakers and combiner sets.

They have been estimated to provide enough energy to power nearly 40 percent of the total commercial electricity demand.

PV test room 2
PV test room

A climate-controlled, locked room as the ideal place to house string inverters and combiner box to on commercial rooftop solar projects.

Inverters are an essential part of any solar panel system – .This sungrow grid-connected PV inverter is 12 strings inverter and its output power can up to converts direct current electricity produced by  solar panels into usable alternating current  electricity.

BENY combiner box 2
BENY combiner box

we have combiner box working inside of this room as well which includes isolators , circuit breakers and surge protection device etc. Basically we give the rated voltage and current to the isolators or circuit breakers, life-cycle testing, durability, reliability and fatigue testing can be  all carried out through power on /off within this combiner box.

Conducting electrical life and on-off tests in real photovoltaic projects is one of the practices of Beny New Energy to inspect and secure product quality. BENY New Energy is keeping the upgrading of equipment and technology to enhance the reputation of the PV industry.

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