Beny at ENEX Exhibition: Empowering the Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage Sector

On February 7-8, in Poland, Beny participated in the ENEX exhibition, injecting fresh vitality and innovation into the fields of energy storage and management. This exhibition provided us with a unique opportunity to share our technology, solutions, and vision for the future of the energy industry with industry professionals.

The commercial and industrial energy storage systems are rapidly gaining momentum globally. Research shows that the compound annual growth rate of energy storage installations is projected to be 27% by 2030. Beny has been committed to leading innovation in the commercial and industrial energy storage sector to meet the evolving demands of the market. Our all-in-one design philosophy integrates batteries, BMS, PCS, fire protection, air conditioning, and energy management, adapting to various scenarios. This product, deployed with prefabricated cabin design, is flexible, convenient, requires no internal wiring debugging, responds rapidly, and boasts high reliability. It also features peak shaving, power expansion, emergency backup, grid balancing, capacity management, and multi-level parallel capabilities. Further more, energy utilization is further enhanced with EVB DC EV chargers, enabling power replenishment for electric vehicles in places like charging stations, industrial parks, and commercial complexes.

In the residential sector, Beny’s energy storage system, paired with a balcony easy solar kit, is beloved for its simple installation, high cost-effectiveness, and portability. Users can independently install solar panels and microinverters following the installation guide, achieving self-consumption by plugging into the home grid. Coupled with residential energy storage system, it further achieves energy independence, free from the disturbances of grid fluctuations and outages. Against the backdrop of rapid development in sustainable energy, users have higher demands for intelligent management of home energy. Beny showcased its home energy management solution at the exhibition, garnering widespread attention. This system integrates with solar power systems, measures real-time power generation, and adjusts the load-side power. Users can achieve energy management by setting various energy modes, such as the home priority mode, where the system dynamically adjusts other power consumption to prioritize meeting household electricity needs.

At the ENEX exhibition, Beny demonstrated its leading position in the energy storage and microgrid sectors. We will continue to strive for excellence, driving sustainable development in the energy industry through innovative solutions. Sincere thanks to all partners and visitors who participated in the exhibition, and we look forward to sharing Beny’s leadership journey in future energy with you.

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