BENY 2019 Annual Meeting Report │ New leap, new journey, dream building 2020

On January 4, 2020, Zhejiang Benyi Electric Co., Ltd. “New Leap, New Journey, Building Dreams 2020” theme annual meeting was grandly held at the Royal Garden Hotel. More than 210 employees of the company gathered together with the company’s leaders, Chairman Wang Renyuan, Deputy General Manager Mr. Wang Jundan, and Deputy General Manager Mr. Huang Jianyong.


At the beginning of the annual meeting, the conference kicked off with the speech of Mr. Wang Jundan, the deputy general manager of Zhejiang Benyi Electric Co., Ltd. and the general manager of Benyi Shanghai Company, with the beautiful host. In his speech, Mr. Wang comprehensively and objectively summarized and affirmed the achievements of various departments of the company in 2019, and also pointed out the direction for 2020. The confidence to win and the strength to forge ahead have a warm feeling in my heart.


Benyi Electric delivered a satisfactory answer sheet in 2019, which is inseparable from the hard work of every employee. In the annual meeting awards ceremony & honorary commendation, a total of “Annual Outstanding Employee Award” and “Annual Sales Contribution Award” were awarded , “Annual Technical Model Award” and other 9 awards, the number of winners is as high as more than 30, accounting for 16% of the total number of the company. I look forward to Ben one hand in hand in the new year, and continue to be brilliant.

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After the official start of the dinner, the on-site interaction & lucky draw session, the prizes and bonuses were generous, the whole scene was full of laughter and passion, and the cheers were always rippling in the venue. With the re-launch of the lottery system, the WeChat avatars of all the Ben family quickly scrolled on the big screen, and with a “stop” from Chairman Wang Renyuan, the exciting special prize “Huawei 5G mate30 Pro” mobile phone was drawn out. Pushing the atmosphere of the scene to another climax, the cheers, shouts and screams from the audience made the whole venue boil. In fact, the reason why Huawei’s latest 5G mobile phone was chosen as the special prize of the raffle to give to employees represents the company’s “ingenuity spirit” of supporting the spirit of domestic products and our great national enterprise. This is also the embodiment of Benyi Electric, as the world’s first brand in the field of DC components for new energy photovoltaic power generation systems, has always adhered to the quality of its original intention.


The 2019 annual meeting came to an end with laughter and laughter. This annual meeting not only brought laughter and laughter to everyone, but also brought the hearts of colleagues closer, singing, applause, cheers, and the sound of the ear; the truth, the truth , Blessings, every sentence is heartfelt; let all employees feel the warmth of a big family and the power of the company team to unite and forge ahead. This will definitely be a good memory for all employees in the Ben family, and it will also be a good start for new and brilliant achievements in 2020. There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team. Cohesion produces strength, and unity produces hope. 2020, a new leap and a new journey, let us walk together, create a win-win situation, and build a dream voyage!

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