2022 BENY R&D Training Summary Meeting was held successfully!


Technological innovation drives development. In order to build a high-efficiency R&D team, on November 20, BENY R&D Training and Summary Meeting kicked off at Shangri-La Hotel in Wenzhou. The three R&D centers of the company’s research institute, including electrical and electronic software and hardware R&D engineers, process engineers, technology management and R&D leaders participated in the meeting. At the same time, Tao Ye, deputy director of the Renewable Energy Research Center, Liu Yongqiang, a special project management consultant of China Aerospace Academician Workstation, Wang Jingfang from TUV Rheinland Technology were also invited to attend the meeting. Next, we will share the wonderful moments from the scene.

This is a feast of leading and constructive wisdom. The meeting was divided into guest speeches, chairman’s keynote report, R&D project management practice training, company executives’ exchange and sharing, and honor commendation. The meeting adopted a combination of online and offline, presenting expert reports, senior project management lecturers sharing high-quality lessons, technical exchanges and market analysis activities, bringing a feast of training to all R&D technicians!


Opening Speech by Experts丨New Era, New Energy, New Development


At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Tao Ye, deputy director of the Renewable Energy Research Center, delivered a speech via remote video, expressing warm congratulations to BENY for holding this high-level and academic scientific meeting, and delivered speeches on core topics such as the new energy under the new power system, new energy policies and trends.

Keynote Speech丨Chairman BENY: Gather in Ouyue to stand at the forefront of the tide, strengthen scientific research and lead innovation


Vice President of Wenzhou Entrepreneurs Association/Chairman of Zhejiang BENY Electrical Co., Ltd./President of BENY Research Institute Wang Renyuan, gave a keynote report to the meeting on “Gather in Ouyue to stand at the forefront of the tide, strengthen scientific research and lead innovation”. Chairman Wang said that 2022 will be a year of vigorous development for BENY, inheriting the past and ushering in the future. Since 2022, BENY R&D investment has accounted for 7.8%. This year, the basic management and R&D management have achieved outstanding results, and the business performance is rising steadily.

If an enterprise wants to go further and develop faster, it must have an excellent talent team to support the rapid development of the enterprise. In the past 11 years, BENY has always adhered to people-oriented, respecting the value of employees and respecting the creation of employees. Today, the establishment of BENY Research Institute marks a new step in the high-quality development of BENY, helping the new energy industry to move forward better!

Chairman Wang said that he hopes that all R&D technicians will take this meeting as an opportunity to unite organizations and individuals, focus on superior resources and strengths to create BENY Electric “high-quality products”, enhance the core competitiveness of R&D, and help BENY Brand to go further!

R&D training丨How to establish a scientific R&D project management system for enterprises


In order to improve the level of R&D project management, strengthen the management ability of personnel involved in R&D projects, and master R&D project management skills and tools. This meeting specially invited senior project management consultant Liu Yongqiang (the project management consultant of China Aerospace Academician Workstation) to give lectures.

Based on years of practical experience in promoting R&D project management, Mr. Liu used typical cases for interactive guidance and analysis. From the perspective of product development, he focused on the introduction to R&D project management, what is product development, R&D core ideas, industry-leading R&D systems, and project management planning paths, project management process control, planning control and tools, key to success and other aspects of teaching and sharing, to help students establish a systematic project management thinking and framework, improve management skills and knowledge; let the R&D team learn effective project plan formulation method, and mastered the ability to avoid R&D risk management.

BENY executives sharing丨One might have learned the doctrine earlier than the other, or might be a master in his own special field

Guest sharing丨Seven International Standards and Access Rules


Wang Jingfang from TUV Rheinland Technology, gave us a detailed explanation of global international certification, seven mainstream certification standards and access rules, which deepened the understanding of product certification standards for the R&D team and helped the BENY high-quality development.

Honor Commendation丨2022 Patent Award Ceremony

The meeting held a grand “Patent Award Ceremony” to commend and reward advanced individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the patent work in 2021-2022. Eight awards were awarded in sequence: Best Invention Patent Award, Software Invention Award, Technological Invention Breakthrough Award, Utility Model Patent Award, Excellent Invention Patent Award, Structural Invention Award, Second Invention Patent Award and 2022 Annual Technology Progress Award, a total of 29 R&D personnel were awarded bonuses and honorary certificates

Up to now, BENY Electric has a total of 87 independent intellectual property rights, including 8 invention patents, and has obtained 1 Australian invention patent. The way of commendation this time has deepened the understanding of R&D team on patent declaration, stimulated the enthusiasm of all R&D technicians to refine patented technologies, and guided more employees to actively participate in patent application work, which can effectively promote the continuous improvement of our company’s patents, proprietary technologies, basic research and technology management.

Oujiang Night Tour 丨 Overlooking Ouyue at night and enjoying the sights


At 8:00 p.m., the BENY R&D team came to the No. 1 pier of Yangfushan, Oujiang Road. BENY flags fluttered on both sides of the deck fence of the pier. The hull of the luxury cruise ship Liangchen No. 3 was wrapped in gorgeous lights, radiant and beautiful. With a sound of the whistle, Liangchen No. 3 slowly left the pier, and the R&D team started a night-view trip to Ouyue.

The breeze was gentle, and the cruise ship moved forward, shuttling through the bright river scenery of Wenzhou. Along the way, the scenery on both sides of the river, like an old movie, presented the history of Wenzhou before everyone’s eyes. In front of you is the beautiful night scene of Wenzhou, and at your feet is the river rippling with the wind. Looking at Wenzhou from a different angle, you can feel the poetic beauty of Wenzhou at night in the world of light and beauty, and feel the unique charm of this city.

When the cruise ship passed through the Ouyue Bridge, suddenly, the “ZJBENY” LOGO and “leading the innovation and development of new energy transmission and distribution systems” lit up on both sides of the Oujiang River, which also confirmed the success of this R&D training summary meeting . Everyone was deeply shocked and amazed by the scene in front of them, and a sense of pride and accomplishment emerged spontaneously! They took out their phones to record the beauty.

The night view of Oujiang River tells the story of Oujiang River with light, and lights up the city with culture; it narrates the history of Wenzhou people’s daring to innovate; it pays tribute to the spirit of Wenzhou with glory, pays tribute to BENY, and bless BENY! ! “Gather in Ouyue to stand at the forefront of the tide, strengthen scientific research and lead innovation; look at both sides of the Oujiang River, and go to the great future together.”


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