Integrated storage and EV charging solutions are experiencing rapid development
as their benefits become more widely recognized.
This is precisely what Beny is actively engaged in.

Commercial Energy Storage for EV Charging

Integrating energy storage with EV charging infrastructure enables addressing challenges such as intermittent power supply and grid instability through storing excess energy during periods of low demand or high renewable energy generation.

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Diverse Energy Storage Systems and EV Chargers

Beny provides intelligent solutions that seamlessly integrate liquid-cooling and air-cooling energy storage systems with DC EV chargers. The energy storage systems can be charged during off-peak periods or PV generation peaks and release the electricity during peak periods or low-light time for charging. This offers advantages like the possibility of charging at any time, high cost-effectiveness, and resilience against grid outages.

Solution Benefits

Enjoy various benefits and a consistently elevated experience with Beny’s outstanding solutions.

Rapid Charging

Combined with energy storage systems, our DC chargers (up to 262kW) can continuously charge EVs without interruption due to grid fluctuation.

Quick ROI

It enables charging stations to serve more EVs at the same time, eliminating grid upgrading costs and reducing operation and maintenance costs.

Peak Shaving

Charge by battery storage rather than the grid in peak hours and replenish the battery during off-peak hours, enabling peak-shaving and cost-savings.

Improved Stability

Energy storage systems can be used as backup power supplies to maintain the system stability when the power grid and PV power generation is unstable.


Energy storage systems can utilize electricity from clean energy sources such as PV to charge electric vehicles, contributing to sustainable development.


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Wide Applications

These solutions find versatile applications across various sectors and environments, like industrial parks, commercial complexes, public charging stations, hospitals, etc. They are often integrated into public charging infrastructure, providing convenient and accessible charging stations for users. New energy projects can leverage energy storage to enhance the reliability of intermittent sources like solar, while simultaneously facilitating electric vehicle charging.

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Custom Solutions for Your Business

Beny fully understands that your business demands are unique, which motivates us to provide you with customized solutions. By understanding and analyzing your specific needs, and inspecting on-site conditions, we can develop solutions that not only meet current market requirements but also prepare for future expansion.


2 Guns DC EV Charging Station BDC

2 Guns DC EV Charging Station BDC


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