String Level Rapid Shutdown Device

Swift Shutdown, Steadfast Security

The BFS-S Series String-Level Firefighter Safety Switch stands as a paramount DC disconnect solution specifically designed for safeguarding rooftop solar systems. This innovative device ensures complete isolation of DC power when faults occur. It features proactive responses to system faults like grid AC power loss and over-temperature (≥85℃). Additionally, it can stably operate in harsh environments with an IP66 enclosure and boasts a plug-and-play design.

Ensuring System’s Secure Operation

Connect 1 to 4 input and output solar panel strings, with independent positive and negative poles, to the string-level firefighter safety switches. Simultaneously, connect the switches to the inverter, thereby achieving DC current isolation between the panels and the inverter.
If there occurs a fault like over temperature, it will swiftly disconnect the current. Also, when the switch detects the AC power loss, it promptly responds by disconnecting the DC side current to safeguard the equipment and the system.


Why Choose Beny Firefighter Safety Switch

Realizing string-level rapid shutdown of 1-4 strings; up to 1500VDC, 50A per string

Achieving automatic shutdown when detecting an AC power loss and over temperature ≥85℃

Aluminum enclosures with breathing valves for stable operation in harsh environments

Fire retardant and anti-UV materials that ensure the stability and longevity

Firefighter safety switches are TUV Rheinland and CE-certified; internal isolator switches are RoHS and UL-certified

Adopting MC4 cables makes installation much easier

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TUV and CE Rheinland Certified

Beny takes pride in its commitment to delivering cutting-edge firefighter safety switches that have received certifications from globally recognized organizations such as TUV Rheinland and CE. Their internal isolator switches are UL and RoHS-certified, ensuring quality, safety, and performance.

Crucial Importance of Safety Switches

Firefighter safety switches are critical components in photovoltaic (PV) systems for enhancing safety and mitigating potential hazards. In the event of an over temperature or other emergencies, they ensure that the electrical currents within the solar cell string are rapidly interrupted, reducing the risk of electrical shock and providing first responders with a safer environment. With the integration of button switches, manual shutdown in situations such as system maintenance can be realized.


Quick Installation Guide

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Select and install the firefighter safety switch in place

Press the Emergency Button to keep AC circuit pre-disconnected

Connect the switch to the AC Main Power

Test before use
After AC Power is connected, the Red Light is still OFF.
Release the Emergency Button and the Red light is ON. The Switch Indicator turns GREEN to RED within 60 seconds.
Press the Emergency Button after 60 seconds, and the Red light is OFF with the Switch Indicator turning RED to GREEN

Connect the firefighter safety switch to PV arrays
Before connecting to PV arrays, make sure BFS-S is at “OFF” status. (Red Indicator is OFF and the Switch Indicator is GREEN.)

All EVO2 connectors must be installed and sealed properly with isolator to maintain IP66NW rating.

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