Shining in Latin America丨BENY new series of products unveiled at Intersolar South America

On August 23-25, local time, at the Norte Expo Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the 2022 Intersolar South America kicked off. A new series of BENY photovoltaic products and EV chargers appeared at booth A1.61. Colleagues from the Americas branch interpret products with new perspectives and comprehensive solutions, and look forward to the future of science and technology, attracting crowds at the scene.

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Intersolar South America is the largest solar industry exhibition in Latin America, focusing on photovoltaics, photovoltaic production and solar thermal technology. This year is the eighth year that BENY has attended Intersolar. As the first Chinese company to enter the South American market, the components and combiner boxes of the BENY have become the mainstream choices in the market.

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In this exhibition, BENY mainly promotes the newest microinverter, rapid shutdown, AFCI combiner box and EV charging stations, which are promoted by front-end technology and independently developed with safety and reliability as the core. BENY’s PV and EV solution has won the favor of many exhibitors.

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As we all know, the abundant sunlight conditions in South America are the most suitable for the development of solar energy. The high temperature and high radiation environment all year round also bring certain challenges to the system stability. BENY PV protection devices have been safely guarding the smooth operation of millions of photovoltaic systems in Brazil for many years. Now we bring a new safety concept. Based on UL standards and NEC2020 requirements, we have launched RSDs with higher levels of protection for the South American market. AFCI series security solutions.

BENY latest BYM series microinverters were launched at intersolar. Peak efficiency 97.5%, European efficiency 97%. Three different models are available, with rated output power 550W,700W,2800W respectively. BENY microinverter has signed tens of thousands of orders on site thanks to its excellent product performance.

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BENY quick-shutdown product solutions are designed according to UL standards and have enjoyed wide popularity in the European and American markets. Preventing accidents and improving the safety of solar power generation systems are our original intentions. We also independently developed PLC communication RSD to better meet the safety requirements of multi-string inverters. The component current and voltage are closed to the acceptable range of the human body within microseconds, which is safe and reliable.

The AFCI functional combiner box independently developed by BENY has advanced design concept and perfect safety function. Through arc detection, the important risks that may exist in the photovoltaic system can be detected around the clock. As the most unstable factor in the DC system, the AFCI function can eliminate the risk of fire caused by the DC arc.

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This year is the starting point for economic recovery after the global epidemic, and it is also an important turning point for BENY strategic planning for overseas markets. Our team has set up offices in the Americas to improve local distribution channels and ensure customer service. So far, the BENY brand has covered more than 60 countries and regions around the world. We will, as always, put customer needs first, and work together with partners to help promote the global energy transition.

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