PV+Storage Asean Exhibition Witnesses: Beny Leads the Way in Highly-Reliable Photovoltaic Energy Solutions

November 14 to 16, Indonesia – The PV + Storage Asean Exhibition with the theme “Building a Sustainable Indonesia with Solar & Storage Innovations” was successfully held. Beny showcased its DC power transmission and distribution and “PV + energy storage + EV charging” solutions at the exhibition, attracting attention from industry professionals.

Recently, the President of Indonesia inaugurated the 192 MW Cirata solar power Plant in West Java, signaling Indonesia’s imminent entry into a new era of energy. This power plant is the largest in Southeast Asia and the third-largest floating solar farm globally. It is anticipated to expand to 500 MW or even 1000 MW in the future. This colossal energy project will effectively meet the region’s growing electricity demands while also underscoring the local government’s commitment to and substantial investment in solar power generation.

As it is known, stability is paramount in the construction and operation of large-scale solar power plants like Cirata. Beny, recognizing this critical aspect, showcased its expertise at the exhibition, particularly in DC power transmission and distribution solutions. It provides a range of industry-leading products, including surge protectors effectively preventing voltage surge hazards, circuit breakers offering overload and short-circuit protection, and rapid shutdown devices and isolator switches ensuring system and personnel safety. These products not only meet high standards in design but have also passed rigorous testing and obtained certifications. Additionally, Beny is actively promoting the application of residential solar systems, bringing an integrated “PV + energy storage + EV charging” solution to all users. This comprehensive solution meets the diverse needs of residential users for solar power generation, energy storage, and EV charging, offering a more convenient and reliable option.

As emphasized by Mr. Wang Jundan, General Manager of Beny, “Beny is committed to providing customers with more secure and reliable DC power transmission and distribution, and “PV + energy storage + EV charging” solutions, driving the rapid development of renewable energy technology in Indonesia and globally. The successful hosting of this exhibition is not only a significant industry event but also a crucial step towards our collective journey into a green energy future.” Beny looks forward to collaborating with Indonesian partners to bring prosperity and sustainable development to the country through advanced photovoltaic technology.

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