‘Building the Great Wall of Quality and Establishing the Corporate Image of BENY’ Theme Quality Month Activity

On the occasion of March 15th, BENY launched a quality month activity with the theme of “Building the Great Wall of Quality and Establishing the Corporate Image of BENY”, aiming to create a good atmosphere in which all employees pay attention to quality, and comprehensively improve the “quality first, everyone is responsible”. Quality awareness, and effectively improve the company’s quality management level.

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In this quality month activity, the quality quiz-fun flying chess activity was first carried out. The contestants of each manufacturing department actively answered the questions, and the audience participated enthusiastically, and learned quality knowledge in a cheerful atmosphere.

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On the day of March 15th, all employees of BENY made a solemn commitment on the quality signature wall. This is a requirement for themselves and a commitment to customers. It is the confidence and determination to ensure the quality of BENY products.

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Since March 12, all manufacturing departments and technical departments have actively held quality training sharing sessions. Through training, learning and sharing, employees will further improve their quality awareness and strengthen their sense of responsibility for product quality.

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Be good at identifying problems, dare to admit problems, and actively solve problems. The representatives of each manufacturing department, the representatives of the quality control department, and the heads of functional departments had a lively discussion on the quality problems in production and put forward rationalization suggestions one after another.

So far, the 2022 BENY Electric Quality Month activities have come to a successful conclusion. BENY will continue to take the quality month activity as an opportunity, firmly establish the concept of “quality first”, continuously improve the service quality awareness of all staff, pay close attention to the implementation of responsibilities, and actively become a new benchmark for quality in the photovoltaic electrical industry!

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