BENY’s BYM600 Enhances Energy Extraction in Poland

May 4, Zhejiang, China-BENY, a global provider of renewable energy solutions, has announced that it will showcase its balcony solar microinverter system in Poland for the first time at Pavilion 8A, Nr 5 On May 16-18.

BENYs BYM600 Enhances Energy Extraction in Poland

BENYs BYM600 Enhances Energy Extraction in Poland[/caption]

The single-in microinverter BYM600 will be displayed, which is perfect for balcony solar projects and offers a maximum industry input current of 18A and support for a DC:AC ratio of up to 1.5 times. The BYM600 boasts an outstanding static MPPT efficiency of 99.8% and a EURO efficiency of 96%, which leads the industry and maximizes energy extraction.

Europe is in the trip from megawatts to terawatts, and the addition of PV in Poland is making progress. Solar project approval procedures have been simplified as Europe rolls out a package of measures to end its dependence on imported fossil fuels. It’s making balcony projects, the economical solar system a popular trend. BENY single-in microinverter is specially designed for small solar system. The BYM600 core control chip is automotive-grade, which can guarantee full-load output at 50°C~55°C, and can still reach 60% output at 70°C. IP67 (NEMA 6) enclosure makes it possible to adapt to complex outdoor environment. The products have undergone strict aging and quality reliability tests, with an average trouble-free time ≥ 30 years and a maximum warranty of 25 years.

BENY is committed to putting customer needs in the first place in product design, showcasing our latest innovations in solar energy, electric vehicles and sustainable living. BENY sincerely invites you to comprehend our PV+ safety solutions, explore the latest innovations, learn from industry experts and connect with like-minded people. Join us to help the zero-carbon ecology and global energy transition.

About BENY:

BENY New Energy, established in 2011, is a highly experienced and early innovator in the field of protective component manufacturing. The company provides comprehensive value throughout the solar supply chain, catering to a global audience of homeowners, businesses, renewable energy investors, and electricity producers. Drawing on its extensive 30-year history of power electronics technology, BENY’s EV charger business boasts a wealth of expertise in the design and management of reliable and durable products. The company’s integrated charging solutions offer premium efficiency, superior protection capabilities, and a range of other user-friendly innovative technologies. For further details, please visit

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