BENY to Reveal Latest Rapid Shutdown Solution at SNEC

BENY, a prominent manufacturer of photovoltaic safety components, is set to showcase its latest module-level rapid shutdown solution, the BFS-21/22, at the SNEC exhibition on May 25th. This high-performance inverter accessory enhances the efficiency and safety of solar panel systems and features advanced technology to achieve fast switching, high reliability, low power consumption, and low cost.


Designed for PV systems, BFS-21/22 is a high-performance component-level rapid shutdown device that utilizes PLC communication technology to ensure the safe operation of PV systems. The BFS-21 series uses PV panel power supply and PLC signal control, which eliminates the need for additional power line wiring, providing simplicity and convenience. The BFS-22 series, on the other hand, uses an external power supply, achieving faster switching speed, making it ideal for speed-required applications.

BFS-21/22 series products are applicable to various PV systems, including household, commercial, and large-scale PV power plants. Specifically, the BFS-21 series offers PV panel power supply and PLC signal control, which provides ease-of-use. The products have undergone UL certification and SunSpec certification, representing high-quality, reliable, and adaptable products that can be applied to various PV systems.

BFS-21/22‘s performance is remarkable, with fast switching, high reliability, low power consumption, and low cost. Specifically, in terms of rapid shutdown, BFS-21/22 achieves a few milliseconds shutdown operation, ensuring the safe operation of the system.

BENY also offers various safety products and solutions for PV systems, such as DC Isolator switches, DC Circuit breakers, and DC surge protectors, providing a comprehensive security defense for photovoltaic systems, mitigating potential safety hazards, and boosting reliability and stability. As photovoltaic systems become increasingly popular and technologically advanced, safety protection for such systems is becoming an increasingly pressing issue.

About BENY 

Established in 2011, BENY New Energy is a leading protective component manufacturer that delivers value at every level of the solar supply chain. The company offers photovoltaic safety products and solutions that cater to homeowners, businesses, electricity producers, and renewable energy investors globally. With its 30-year track record of power electronics technology, BENY’s EV charger business features high protection capability, premium efficiency, and user-friendly innovative technologies. BENY is committed to providing sophisticated photovoltaic safety products and solutions, contributing to the sustainable development of photovoltaic systems. For more information, visit


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