BENY Rapid Shutdown Devices Obtained UL and Sunspec Certification Again

Recently, BENY module-level rapid shutdown device BFS-21/22 has successfully passed the UL and SunSpec certification.

After the UL certification of BFS-11/12 series in 2019, BENY latest rapid shutdown product BFS-21/22 has also passed the UL certification. Our rapid shutdown series are exported to more than 40 countries, serving customers all over the world providing safety assurance for power plant owners all over the world. BENY BFS-21/22 series products are module-level rapid shutdown devices for PV system fire safety. They are used with signal transmitters to automatically control the work. When it comes to an abnormal situation, the panel can be shut down off to 0V within microseconds.


BFS-11 and BFS-21 have the same specifications, in which maximum operating voltage is 120V, maximum operating current is 18A. The main difference is the control method. BFS-11 was controlled by independent button box for power supply and control. It is a simple and mature technology that will be no signal interference there. BFS-21 is powered by PV panels and controlled by PLC signals. The wiring is simple and doesn’t require additional DC power lines. Moreover, the PLC signal has a longer control distance.

BENY module-level rapid shutdown solution

In a critical situation, the connection between each module can be quickly shut down remotely or manually by RSDs, thereby eliminating the DC high voltage existing in the PV system array and solving the risk of rescue. When a fire occurs in the PV system, module-level shutdown can eliminate the high-voltage electricity in the PV array, so that firefighters can carry out fire fighting work in the first place and minimize losses.

BFS-21/22 module-level RSD is used together with the BFT-01 signal transmitter. BFT-01 acts as the signal host to maintain the normal operation of BFS-21/22. At the same time, when the system encounters an emergency, the BFT-01 can stop working after the AC power is turned off, in this way, the output of each module is disconnected to ensure the system safety. Moreover, since the communication protocol approved by SunSpec has been authorized to the inverter, it means that the inverter can also act as the signal master. BENY BFS-21/22 module-level RSD has passed the SunSpec certification, which means that it can communicate with other modules, and can be adapted to other SunSpec-listed inverters and signal generators.

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BENY has professional inspection equipment, standard testing procedures and a core technical team to fully guarantee the excellent quality and performance of rapid shutdown products, which are widely applied in various scenarios.

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The figure below shows the result of testing BFS-21 shutdown capability with Tektronix DPO4054B oscilloscope.

image 4

Test method: Clamp the oscilloscope probe to the output line of RSD, and use the oscilloscope waveform to detect the output voltage to judge whether it is on or off. Test results: After the BFS-21 sends a shutdown command by the supporting transmitter, the output can drop from 120V to 0V in only a few tens μs, and the connection between the PV modules can be cut off within 1ms.

BENY is a manufacturer of high-quality PV electrical products and a provider of PV protection solutions. Excellent product quality has created the brand reputation, which has prompted us to cooperate with many leading companies to provide consumers with quality services.

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