BENY Microinverter Passed VDE-4105 Certificate Issued by TUV Rheinland

BENY microinverters have obtained the VDE-AR-N-4105 certificate issued by the German TUV Rheinland, of which BYM600 has the highest output power among single-in microinverters currently in the industry that have obtained this certification.

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BENY products are being standardized. BENY microinverters have been certified and listed by TUV and INMETRO, and meets the requirements of VDE-4105 and CE-LVD standards. VDE-AR-N-4105 is a low-voltage grid-connected standard for distributed power generation systems in Germany, and has become the normative standard for PV inverters.

This time the certified products are single-in microinverters BYM500, BYM550 and BYM600, which are suitable for 60, 66, 72, 75 or 120, 132, 144, 150 half-cell PV panels. The static MPPT efficiency reaches 99.8%, peak efficiency is 96.5%, EURO efficiency is 96%, and it has the IP67 rating. These microinverters that output power below 600W are very suitable for the balcony solar system that has recently become a trend in Germany.

At present, among single-in microinverters, BYM700 has the highest rated output power of 700W, peak power of 721W, maximum short-circuit current of 24A, maximum continuous current of 20A, and a warranty period of up to 25 years in the industry. BENY also planned to unveil a 750W single-in microinverter(BYM750) recently. Products are developed and produced based on internationally recognized certifications and standards.

BENY quad-in microinverters are also under certification, which include BYM2400, BYM2800, and BYM3100. And BYM3100(3100W output power) is comparable to that of small string inverters, but its operating performance is better. For string inverters, the conversion efficiency of BYM3100 is higher, and it can be used with the PV parallel optimizer independently developed by BENY to achieve the 8-in-1.

BENY New Energy was established in 2011, headquartered in Wenzhou, China, with offices in Europe and America, and has more than 30 years of experience in the PV industry.

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