BENY Electric Wins Several Industry Awards in 2021

Specializing in the field of DC electricity, helping customers to win market opportunities

The year 2021 marks the tenth year that BENY Electric has been specialising in the field of DC electricity and gas. With ten years of unremitting efforts, BENY has established a product system covering photovoltaic, energy storage, new energy vehicle electrical and intelligent electronics, providing customers with efficient and reliable power transmission and distribution solutions, and helping customers win market opportunities in the new energy track. While gaining the recognition of our customers, each series of products have won several awards in the industry with the momentum of creating industry leadership.

OFweek2021 Outstanding Photovoltaic Supporting Provider

image 8

The 10th “Polaris Cup” 2021 Influential Photovoltaic Components and Electrical Supporting Brands

image 9

“Solar Energy Cup” photovoltaic industry selected 2021 the most influential photovoltaic storage solution enterprises

image 10

2021 “China Top 100 Electric Power Industry List” Top 20 Photovoltaic Circuit Breaker Enterprises in Circuit Breaker Industry

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As a leading enterprise in the field of DC electrical subdivision, BENY Electric has always focused on the field of new energy DC power electronic technology, and walks with the vast number of new energy enterprises, and strives to contribute to the new energy cause of mankind. Power.

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