BENY New Energy made a wonderful appearance at Solar Energy Expo Poland 2022

On May 25th-26th, 2022, Solar Energy Expo Poland 2022 was successfully held, where BENY New Energy and its customers from Eastern Europe met in Warsaw to discuss the process of PEP2040 ( Poland’s energy policy until 2040 ).

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The Polish government has approved Poland’s energy policy until 2040 (PEP2040), which sets the framework for the energy transformation in the country. It is the first strategic document regarding Polish energy approved in 12 years. It presents solutions to meet EU climate and energy goals.

Poland is one of the important markets for renewable energy in Europe, and BENY New Energy has always attached importance to developing long-term partnerships with Polish customers. In this exhibition, BENY New Energy brought professional solutions for module level rapid shutdown and string level rapid shutdown. BENY’s RSD solution has sorted out the pain points of safety problems in the Eastern European market solar PV system. Colleagues from BENY Europe Region introduced to customers how BENY’s rapid shutdown achieves true microsecond-level shutdown and its high-quality performance comparable to the life cycle of the power station. He also demonstrated the operation of the rapid shutdown to the customer on site, all the customers affirmed BENY’s focus and R&D strength in the safety control of DC photovoltaic systems.

BENY is well known in the European market for its professionalism and the PV+ and EV+ solutions are designed with the safety of the customer’s electrical system in mind. While the photovoltaic system is booming in Europe, BENY has always made higher level, more reliable DC system safety, and security a key element of development, spreading the market with professional safety technology requirements and experience from millions of applications worldwide.

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