Commercial Solar Energy System

Commercial PV System Safety Solution - Beny

BENY offers autonomous and more cost-effective solutions such as combiner box distributors and quick shutdown devices as the solar PV industry and systems demand greater and smarter regulating and protection.


BENY has over 30 years of electrical industry expertise and has created world-class solar DC components and EV chargers in a wide spectrum. We design, manufacture, and sell various voltage level elements and technologies for solar PV protection.


We are a prominent brand in the production of hundreds of thousands of high-quality DC components for comprehensive and dependable solar circuit protection each year. Our facility, which is certified by UL, SAA, CB, CE, TUV, ISO, and RoHS, has the first listed copyrighted DC switch and creates innovative solutions such as the AFCI product for rooftop fire prevention.

Commercial Solar System Applications


In this application , power is generated by the PV system and directed to loads such as appliances and lights, therefore balancing a business's utility electrical load. Large systems are usually installed without energy storage, although small ones can.


Off-grid systems are cut off from the power grid. A solar array, solar chargers, batteries, and controllers are often included in this system. Energy is gathered and stored in this setup to satisfy all power requirements. When solar energy is in short supply, the inclusion of a generator gives extra autonomy, capacity for large loads, and battery recharge.


The energy generated by a solar system is used by the business enterprise, which is referred to as self-consumption. When the cost of purchasing electricity exceeds the cost of selling it, the income from self-consumption exceeds the profit from selling electricity to the grid.

Battery Storage

The utility hookup and inverters are used to charge the batteries. When there are variations in utility power (brown-outs or blackouts), the inverter maintains uninterrupted power to important loads. The stored energy can also be used to aid in powering occasional heavy loads, lowering operational expenses.

How can Beny Help Support your commercial solar System?

Combiner box

PV converters and Photovoltaic systems are linked by DC combiner boxes, which combine the power of a significant number of threads to increase PV performance. We make it simple to integrate extra features, such as switches and a second Maximum PowerPoint, by designing our combiner box.


To avoid overvoltage, our 1500V combiner boxes are outfitted with real solar DC disconnect controls, DC fuse holders, and type 2 surge shutoff valves. We pre-assemble dependable DC components within a durable PC container to save working time and error vulnerability, consequently greatly increasing your end-users system operations.


For many years, we have created our combiner boxes using long-lasting materials that can be utilized to efficiently satisfy requests of any size. Along with consultation, prototype testing, and after-sales support, our quality control team ensures that each combiner box is properly constructed and shipped safe manner.

Rapid Shutdown

For photovoltaic rooftop and building fire prevention, our string unit and module level quick shutdown devices regulate the panels’ power down to a safe range in a millisecond. Prevent incidents and increase the safety of your solar energy system.


The quick shutdown solutions are built following CE, UL, and NEC2020 standards. We design PLC transmission RSDs for greater compatibility with numerous string inverters as a loyal members of the Sunspec alliance.


We offer a comprehensive spectrum of quick shutdown devices with varying powers to run one unit, two panels, or four solar panels thanks to modern engineering.

Over-temperature safety, automatic shutoff in the event of a power outage, and a manual shutdown capability are all included.

Why Choose Beny?

Custom-make your PV Safety Solution

BENY Electric develops cost-effective and customized solutions to fulfill a variety of solar PV protection Our quick production strategy ensures that you receive the items you want as soon as feasible

Cutting Edge Technology

Beny was one of the first developers to incorporate cutting-edge panel technology into its current products.

Fast Shipping

Orders will be processed and sent within 24 hours Monday through Thursday. We also ensure on-time delivery by offering end-to-end tracking and customs clearance.

Engineering Support

Beny is unique in that we can satisfy our clients' needs by providing both engineering and on-site services through a single team of experts.

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