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DC EV Charging Station BBDC

BENY EV Charging Station Fast Charging, Time and Power Saving, High Safety

Highlights :

  • 20kW - 40kW
  • Single Charging Outlet CCS2
  • 9.1inch LCD Screen
  • OCPP 1.6
  • IP55
  • CE-Certified icon
  • rohs
  • ocpp 1 6 icon
  • WAll DC 1000

Fast, Efficient and Safe EV Charging Station

BENY DC EV charging station has more powerful data calculation and processing capacity, smarter dispatching strategy, better heat dissipation performance and lower noise, and fully meets the requirements of high-power DC charging of vehicles with global standard DC interface.


Wall-mounted DC EV Charger has multiple protection design and active protective function, which can monitor all communication data in the charging process and give early warning to all kinds of abnormal charging to ensure the safety of users and vehicles.




  • DC EV Chaging Station 20 40kw

Time and power saving

High safety

  • Time-saving - Fast charging
  • Power saving - High conversion efficiency and low standby power consumption
  • High Safety - Dual protection to both manual operation and vehicles


Structure Descriptio
Shell material Sheet Meal
Dimension 450*250*850(L*W*T)
Weight ≤65kG
Installation Method Wall-mounted
Cable routing Bottom inlet wiring, up outlet wiring
Cable length 5 M
Charging outlets Single (CCS2/CCS2/GBT)
Connectivity authorization RFID, App
Screen 9.1inch LCD screen/LED light
Electrical Specification
AC input voltage AC380V±15% ,3P+N+PEAC
Input frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Rated power 20KW 30KW 40KW
Output voltage range CCS1/2: 150 Vdc –1000 Vdc
Output current 0~66.7A 0~100A 0~133A
Efficiency ≥95%
Power factor ≥0.99(load:100%)
Functionate design
User Interface Emergency stop button,LED indicator,card swiping,touch screen
Charging stands IEC 61851-21-2:2021;IEC 61000-6-2:2019; EN61000-6-4:2019; IEC 61851-1:2019;EN 61851-23:2014; EN 61851-24:2014
Network interface Ethernet/4G
Environment condition
Application place Indoor/Outdoor
Working latitude <2000m
Working temperature -30~ +50
Working humidity 5%~95%
Protection level IP55
Natural cooling Forced-air cooling
Warranty 12 months warranty
Security design Over/under voltage protection,overlord protection,current leakage protection,
grounding protection,over temp protection,lightening surge protection

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